Where to Live in Chicago?
This is a critical question that should be given some very serious thought and analysis. The neighborhood you choose to become part of is not a decision that can easily be readdressed, unless moving is something you enjoy. In order to positively identify an area that you'll be happy to be part of, you must scrutinize your lifestyle and take stock of where you expect it to go.

Choose a community that reflects your lifestyle

Here is a list of questions you should answer to help determine what neighborhood is best for your lifestyle:
  • Do I plan to provide my own transportation or depend on public transportation?
  • Do I plan on marrying or starting a family while living in my new home?
    • If starting a family: Is the neighborhood I want in a reputable school district?
  • Do I want to live in a quiet, family oriented area or a high-energy community with an active night-life?
  • Do I want to live in the suburbs or downtown?
  • Do I need to choose a neighborhood that has amenities geared toward pet owners?
Keep these questions in mind when speaking with a Chicago Home Estates Agent. This is critical information that can streamline the house hunting process and expedite your home-buying timeline.